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Fletcher is such a star he is getting a brand new restaurant on Park City’s Main Street named after him. At least one of his images from our shoot will grace the walls of this soon to open dining spot. Fletcher is a senior dog, but wasn’t what I expected, I thought I’d be working with an older dog who could barely move on his old legs, but this guy had a lot of strength and needed it all for our shoot. Just posing on Main Street alone as Derby day was ending made for a very busy atmosphere and some very roudy onloookers. He rolled with it all and as you can see from a some of these shots, he worked it amazingly well!

Fletcher BlogStomp_047

Meet Tucker! Tucker is 14 years young, well except for his back legs which often couldn’t keep up with the rest of him and his youthful intentions. Tucker’s dad wanted a photo session to capture his gorgeous golden in his golden years. I thought he would be a relaxed senior but this guy was one the move constantly, especially when he suspects food is involved. He had a one track mind and a mind of his own; but at 14 he should do as he wishes.

These are just a sneak peak of some of the photos we got this day. Stay tuned for more when he comes back with his summer cut!T3Tucker